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Learn to Play Ukulele Video Course

For people ages 9 - 99!


Go from knowing nothing to playing a variety of pop songs in 7 weeks!

You will learn:

  • how to tune, hold and strum your ukulele.

  • how to play and change between a variety of common ukulele chords, including C, D, F, G, Am and Dm

  • how to play the following songs:  The Scientist, You Are My Sunshine, Let It Be, Leaving on a Jet plane, Budapest, Lost Boy, Drift Away, Paint it Black, Sweet Child O' Mine and Stand By Me

Beginner Ukulele Course : About
Join Beginner Ukulele

$110 USD for the entire seven-week course!

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In the first video you'll learn how to hold and strum your instrument, how to use a chord diagram, and I'll even teach you your first two chords.  Sign up below with your email address and the video will be on its way immediately.  If you love this video, you can join the full 7-week video course by registering for the beginner ukulele course below.  

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"I am so happy I signed up for this course. It doesn't matter whether you are 6 or 69 (like me); Aaron will help you develop a love for this versatile little instrument. Happy strumming!" Roberta M.

"I'm really liking the course so far! I purchased it for my daughter, but I didn't realize how much I would enjoy it myself." Katy M.

"The videos are awesome.  I have wanted to learn the ukulele for years. I am so excited to be making progress.  Thanks for making it so easy." Meg Z.

The Scientist Compilation

Check out this video compilation by some of my beginner students after only seven weeks of instruction!


How is the course delivered?

This is a 7-week, self-guided video course. You'll receive two instructional videos per week plus printable resources. Videos are 15 - 20 minutes in length, and you'll be encouraged to practice your skills for 10 minutes daily. While the course is self-guided, my students can email me any time with questions.

What ukulele should I buy?

When you join the course, the very first pre-course video that I'll send you outlines what to look for when purchasing a ukulele. You can purchase a good quality instrument for $50 - $100 at a local music store or on Amazon.

What is the cost of the course?

The course costs $110 USD per household, so that you can learn alongside your relatives or roommates.

How long will I have access to  the course videos?

The course videos are shared as unlisted links on Youtube. You will have access to them indefinitely, for as long as you have the video links.

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Join Now

$110 USD for the entire seven-week course!

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